Saturday, August 5, 2017

100 days of exercise - day 5 - 10

Day 6

Still in France.
This day I was determined to do another clothes shopping round.
And you know what? I think I doubled my wardrobe. Haha! Shocked? Well, my wardrobe is very small.
(Quantity of the clothes actually in it)
I know, I know.
That is what every girl will tell you. But it's true.
Here are some of my findings. 

Of course this is not all, but since I still do not run a fashion blog I thought I would keep the outfit photo's humble for now.

Day 7

Alright, one final stroll through this beautiful town, Nancy.
It took us from place Stanislas to the even older part of town.
I love the mediaeval style!

Day 8

When I came home, I regretted not leaving my place clean.
It is this tradition I have every holiday.
I make a mess out of my place and leave. When I come back, I still have to deal with that mess. And since I have man-pet living in my place, well you can guess.
It doesn't help with having it spick and span.
Trust me that this took me longer than an hour, but the great news is: a good cleaning session for a couple of hours could burn up to 400 calories!
It isn't my prefered way of getting in 'exercise', but with a little music everything will be better!

Day 9

I'm getting my gaming on!

I am pretty nostalgic about pokemon. I wouldn't say I am the biggest fan in the world, but I used to watch this show when I was a kid at a classmate's house before going on the bike to school. So, playing pokemon go is an awesome 'exercise' opportunity. You go into the street and catch your pokemons. You can also set eggs to hatch for every so many miles you walk. I think I spend about 2 hours playing this game today.

Day 10

I did a midnight stroll with the boyfriend.
Because looking at the stars is romantic! 

After 10 days...

I've become slightly more energetic!
I had really forgotten how quickly it climbs back up after getting more exercise into your day.
I wouldn't say I have noticed huge changes, but I am feeling some benefits.
I hope you've had fun reading about my journey so far.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

100 days of exercise - Day 1 - 5

My twitter followers have spoken.
My new 100 days challenge is about doing 1 hour daily exercise.
And I started this exercise in a very fun way...

On holiday!

Because holiday shouldn't be an excuse not to get moving.
When I explore a new city in another country I love to do it by foot.
Here are my findings.

Day 1:
I was so glad to get out of the car after a 7 hour journey to France, Nancy.
As soon as our stuff was dumped at the appartment, I convinced my friends to discover the town by night and so our nightly stroll begun. We still had to eat diner and it was already past 22.00. We wandered the streets of this charming city in France and saw so many cute wine bars (that sadly were about to close)
From a distance we heard music and saw flickering lights.
And so we followed the sounds and where they came from. It lead us straight to place Stanislas. A beautiful square in the middle of town.
A light show was going on. Stanislas does this light show every evening close to 23.00
It is such a pleasure to have sat there with a glass of beautiful French wine and really enjoying it.


Day 2 

On the next day we decided to explore the city by day.
It took us to the beautiful indoor market with all its magnifence colors and beautiful foods.
And of course the famous french macarons. Needless to say that we went shopping for food there big time. The thing I love most about these markets is that everything is super fresh.
And it is packed with local products and international products. From real French cheeses till fruits that you may have never tried in your life. I would go here every day if I only could!
We bought cheese, tarts, some wine, sausage and fruits.
All this we took into the park for a picknick.

Day 3

I went shopping. Not very friendly for my planned budget, but to defend my game I will say what every girl will say here. I just needed more clothes in my life. To be honest, my wardrobe is pretty modest. I have no trouble cleaning it up and getting rid of old things in it and to make space for the new.

As girls know, a proper shopping session can take hours of walking around and trying on new things. It is also fun to do. Which makes it the perfect exercise, really!

Day 4

It was mostly a stay at home day.
But since the appartment we are staying at is so big I decided to continue the dance tutorial for Michael Jackson's: they don't care about us.
You know that prison video with all the immates dancing to this song? This is exactly the one I am trying to learn. Michael Jackson's dances are hardcore work out!
And I love his songs and dances. Perfection, once again!

Day 5

After a day at home, I went on another stroll which took me to the beautiful botanical gardens in Nancy. So many beautiful flowers and all these colors were a real treat and worth the hour walk!

These were my first 5 days on this challenge!
Keep an eye on my blog to see how I am doing


Friday, July 7, 2017

My new 100 days journey; exercising one hour every day

100 days of daily exercise

I asked you to vote on my poll for my next 100 days journey.
You wanted to follow me on a journey of one hour daily exercise
I hereby promise to follow through.
To make it exciting for you, I will not go to the gym daily.
I do have a membership to a gym, but I also want to make it a point to give you some fresh inspiration on ways to get moving.
I cannot promise it will be a different type of exercise every day, but I am excited to try out as many different things as I possibly can.
So, expect some crazy stuff. Not bungee jumping crazy, but you know; creative ways to get moving.
I am not looking to be a woman body builder.
I do hope to achieve more stamina and gain more energy out of my daily movement.

Are you looking to get moving more as well?

Why don't you hop on the wagon too?
I would love to hear from you, if you plan to do this.
And I will support you right back!

Edit: Since I have been sick, I had the chance to prepare myself a bit more for this journey.

How will I make it succesful? 

Planning ahead 

Since I have a very changing schedule I will plan my exercise one week ahead.
Some days I will have time for gym sessions. Other days I will have to settle for an hour walk.

Finding peers

I invite you and also my friends to come with me on my journey. I've been asking around for people to try out certain types of exercises with me. I have found someone to try out pole dancing with me, and also mermaid swimming, and fighting with a sword. Another person has promised to lend me her dogs for a walk.

Making it fun and variable 

I will try out different things. For me to keep focused on the journey, and for you as a reader to make it more interesting.


To get moving consistently
To gain more energy
To gain more stamina

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mindfulness is not just hip shit

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Mindfulness is not just 'hip shit' 

Two years ago, the unimaginable happened. It turned out that I didn't have an endless amount of energy. I was doing all this stuff. I organized an event, I coached youngsters, I worked a temp job with children, I was a babysitter on the side, I did volunteerswork, I helped out distressed friends, I did a course for counseling kids and of course there was homelife.
I was just so superbusy.

Then one day, just like that I felt like I couldn't take one more step or otherwise I would just crash and burn right on the spot.
That day I called the office at work and told them what was going on and that I required to see the company's doctor.
I remember standing at the busstop and having a complete panick attack. I was crying my eyes out on the side of the road because all the busses that I had seen come and go were too busy for me to get on to.
I just wanted to get home, but I didn't know how anymore.
It was like the wires in my brain just got disconnected.

In the coming week I started to notice different things that were happening.
Right after someone had said something to me, I gazed at them in complete despair because I couldn't remember what they had just said. I was so tired, but failed to sleep. It was like when I was falling asleep somebody would poke me, and I was wide awake. My body started playing tricks on me.

After seeing the company's doctor and hearing that I was having a burn out.
Couldn't believe it. 28 years old and already?
I went into therapy, and that helped for a while, but I experienced fall back just a year ago.
So I went into a center and followed a program that would teach me about balance, time management, the importance of exercise and mindfulness.
The people from this center have been life savers in the last year of my life.
I used to think that mindfulness was just this big trend in our world, but it has truly transformed my way of life.

So mindfulness to me: an open and accepting attitude to whatever is at this very moment.
I learned how to apply this in my life. Because I was always just rushing to get to the next place, I stopped feeling how I was really doing.
It seems to be such a trend that everybody is just so busy.
It is almost like there is a competition that is going on in our society today. The one who is most busy takes the price.
Well let me tell you that there is a price. An ultimate price. A burn out.

It is so important to feel how you are really doing. And this is what mindfulness is so perfect for.

A quick exercise to help you get started. It will only take 3 minutes of your time.
That is not too much to ask for in your busy life. Trust me.

Whatever you are doing...
For 1 minute: pay attention to the things that you see around you wherever you are.
For 1 minute: pay attention to the things that you hear around you wherever you are. Even the most subtle of sounds.
For 1 minute: Close your eyes. Notice the things that you feel inside. Whatever it is that you feel, it is okay. Even if you are feeling uncomfortable. Stay with this feeling. Be curious about it. This feeling is an important radar for what is going on. Accept this feeling inside. Send yourself some love.

And that is it.
You are done! You can now move on with your day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meditation for beginners


Let me tell you something.
So many people are scared of the word meditation.
They may think that you are forced to quiet your mind, get in lotus position and chant.
I heard it so many times: 'It is just too hard'What if I told you that I think many people are putting too much pressure on it? Their expectations may be way too high on a first session.
Meditation is supposed to be relaxing. For your mind, for your body.
So here are a few tips:

1. Get comfortable!
Forget about the friggin' difficult positions. Build a pillow fort and chill out

2. Just breathe...
I do like the guided meditations, but I ain't always comfortable with the way they tell me to breathe. It is important that you breathe easily, but don't force a method that doesn't feel good. My tip: lay your hand on your stomach and breathe to your hand to get a relaxing phase of breathing.

3. Don't expect huge things
Looking forward to have amazing visions? They are possible, you know. I'm advanced in meditation but not even I always get them. The effect of meditation is often more subtle. Being able to deal with the day a whole lot better and being  less stressed is only one of the many wonderful benefits.

4. Pick your way of meditating

There are so many out there. What is that you like? A little mandala coloring?
Guided visualisation? Mindful walk in the forest? A quick body scan? Or just a few minutes of breathing with your eyes closed? It is upto you. Meditation is fun!

5. Practice, practice, practice

Even when your mind does not go quiet on the first time, it is possible to achieve this with practice. Stick with your exercise and have patience as you are learning something new. You couldn't walk in a day, so don't expect to meditate perfectly in one day either.

My golden tip? When your mind gets distracted just watch your thoughts go by without engagement. Bring your focus back to the way you breathe.
And if you practice mindfulness it is about accepting every thought that comes to mind. Having a curious and open attitude without judging them.

And lastly... relax!
This is what meditation is about. It is a charger to your body, like sleep is.
If you do have any questions about meditation, I will be happy to answer them.