Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Day 15 - Reasons I don't like fitness

As a part of my 100 days project where I exercise everyday, I have mentioned fitness just briefly. I have a feeling that soon I am going to frequent the fitness space a lot more. 
Not because I like it that much.
I have to be honest, I hate it.
Here's why:

1. I get bored
I only ever use the fitness space for quicker work outs between 20 and 60 minutes.
And yes, I do listen to music. I am just not feeling the whole machine thing, if you know what I'm saying.

2. Machines are always busy Lately I've only had time to go to the gym at the hours it's most busy.
Outside of work. Sometimes I want to get to a machine just to see that someone else has already taken it before I can get there. Frustration plays up because I am not able to continue the schedule I had planned for myself.

3. Sometimes I feel like a piece of meat
The fitness space comes with so much unwanted staring. One time I had a guy follow me around from machine to machine. It was a little creepy. The other day a guy randomnly started to flirt with me. You may think attention is nice, but it's not what I came for. I feel so yucky and sweaty and aware of myself. Just leave me alone, dude! You feel me?

4. It smells
There's always that one person I greatly admire for their efforts, however they sweat so much that the whole machine and space next to it, turns into a smelly swimming pool. Plus all these scents of sweat mixed together can really put me off. I am sorry if in any way I offend someone right now. Sure everyone is going to work up a sweat here, but somehow the smell in this fitness space seems so much more present.

5. I miss the support
The reason I am a loyal work out class visitor is because I can get greatly hyped up by a good teacher in front of the class and I feel the support when they challenge me to push myself a bit more. This kind of support is not what I get from a simple fitness work out.

Of course I am curious about what you think about fitness too.
Are you more of class person? Or do you actually prefer machines?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 14 - Week 2 recap of 100 days of exercise

It's recap time again!
Two weeks in and I am already noticing some positive changes.

Here they are:

Brief gain in focus
. I actually feel a bit more focused when I do my daily job, and with so much going on at the same time that is a very positive thing.

Slight progress on moves I have to practice when I do my gym classes.
Whenever I restart another gym endeavour after being out a while it takes a while for my muscle memory to activate. Like, it really doesn't know what is going on with moves I used to know how to do. Yes, even after 1 week I noticed how I was able to keep my balance a bit better standing on only one leg. It makes me excited to think what I can do in a few more weeks.

Another cool thing is that I think I made some gym buddies. It's good to have them!

Due to privacy I will keep their names private and alter them. There's this really fun guy who's gay and his name is Sam. He is always so enthusiastic and makes sure I go to my Zumba. Then there's Annie who I do the piloxing class with. I have a feeling we may become friends in the future.

I know week's 2 recap is kind of short, but these are the positives I've seen. I haven't really tried anything new yet, but Annie and me may try the spinning class soon!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 13 - Sporty tools - The 5 second rule

Just before I am embarked on this journey I saw a video that changed my life.
I will share it with you, and I hope it changes yours as well

The title to this youtube video is a little bit ironic.
Mel Robbins introduces us to the idea that motivation is garbage. And why? Because you will never feel like it. It's that moment you get where you are like: 'tomorrow I am going to be the best me, I am going to the gym, I am going to eat healthy, I am going to think positive. It's going to be amazing!'
And guess what happens as you wake up? You don't feel like it. You think: 'nah, i'll do it tomorrow' In a nutshell this is what she explains about the concept of motivation.
Then she tells us how she beat her habit of snoozing in a time of her life she wasn't doing so well.
One day she saw a racket launch on the television. The count down from 5 to 1 began and it hit her. She would lanch out of her bed the next morning. She would beat her brain. No thinking, just doing.
And for her that became the 5 second rule. For the first time in months she had beat her habit. She kept doing it every morning, and then she started using it for other things in her life. I've recently read her book and it's fantastic! For everyone who is trying to make a change I would recommend it.

It is not exactly, only a sporty tool I am sharing with you. It can be used for many things. But I used it to break my habit. 
After months of not going to the gym, I just needed something to break my habit of not going. After weeks of comparing which new gym would be right for me, I just took the leap. I needed a change and so I joined a new one.
That was the first step.
The second step was for me to actually go.
I remember feeling uncomfortable and scared as I always do. There are many wonderful things about the gym, but also some sides that I just hate. I will talk about those later.
I had my bag prepared and my mind going against me.
And I thought I would give it a try. So, I counted back promising myself that when I had reached counting back to 1, I would grab my bag, put on my coat, grab my keys and just go. I did. I remember feeling victory.
I had to do it a couple of more times as well.
And now I don't use it every time, but I do use it if I need it.
Because sometimes I need something to get me going.

Do you see yourself using the 5 second rule?
For what would you use it?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 12 - How to move yourself to move your bum

Sometimes I wish I was a cat. Sleeping, eating, being sassy.
No seriously. What a life!

Anyways, unfortunately I am not.
Exercising on a regular base is a very big deal to me.
And maybe just like you, it is not my favourite thing to do on a rainy, cold and breezy day after coming home from work.

But with my 100 days project, I have more people to answer to than just myself...

You, my blogreaders.

So, how did I manage to move myself to move my bum?

I had a ponder for just a minute. A part of myself that said: 'you could skip tonight. You've been doing so well. Just take a break.'
Until I realized that I was doing my classic self sabotage.

So here are my how to's:

Just go
You can have a million excuses not to go. My brain is pretty creative at making up excuses and probably so is yours. Starting a new habit is not going to be peaches at the beginning.
Don't let the mind mingle, your actions are what counts.

There's no putting it out, the time is nowIf you aren't going to do it now, then probably you never will. Keep that in mind.
I've had so many: I will do this tomorrow - moments.
And honestly I didn't.
Not that day, and not the day after or any time that particular week.
The actions that you take now, will make you a proud person in the morning.

Keep your future self in mindYour future self is the person that you want to be right now. Does that make sense? I'm not talking about being perfect here.
Imagine your future self  smiling, confident and content with all that he or she is. Visualize it.
And then decide what you need to do today to make that happen.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day 11 - Sporty tools: my fitbit

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, a few months ago I invested in a FitBit.
This is an activity tracker that can be used to reach your health goals.
As you can see it has a clock, but also a step counter, it measures your heart, it tells you how many calories you've burned that day and how many active minutes you've had. You need also need to install the FitBit app on your phone so it syncs with your FitBit.

In this app you can determine your work out and weight goals, track your food, water, and sleeping patterns as well. It is a fantastic multifunctional app!
For the moment I've set mine to at least doing my 10.000 steps a day. It is very handy and I love using my Fitbit.
The great thing is that I get reminded of my goals when I check out my Fitbit. By simply tapping it you will go through the different stats you've made that particular day and see the work you still have to do.

Have you ever considered getting a Fitbit?
What are your personal goals?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Day 10 - Cooking up a storm

As a volunteer I have been cooking for bigger groups of people.
I've done this with a lot of joy for the last 12 years. The groups usually range between 20 and 40 people.
But this time I had to cook for 70.
Why would I put this activity as an exercise one you ask?
On a regular day I start at 13.00 and end around 20.00.
I shop by foot, usually bigger quantities of food that are heavy so I get a bit of strenght training in there.
During the cooking I will be on my feet most of the day. Peeling, chopping, baking.
And to top it off I get to clean a lot after I'm done. Now that you know what a regular day looks like, imagine me doing this for 70 people instead. I swear I still feel my muscles from all the carrying I did. I also had to go to various supermarkets  back and forth because I was doing my shopping alone this time. Also in the middle of the day I had to move my car to a safe parking spot on a 20 minute walking distance from the center I volunteer for.
I started around 9.00 and was done at 22.00. By the end of the day I had to do some proper stretching and give myself a foot massage. It is safe to say I well made my exercise that day.
My volunteers work is very hard, but certainly very rewarding work.
I love doing it!

A while ago I invested in a FitBIt which I will tell you more about later today. One thing it can do is counting your steps. At the end of the day I was on 15.000 steps.
The recommended amount of steps per day is 10.000. I am very happy with the results of my day. I had a wonderful meal cooked up, and got my exercise in.
A win win!

Day 9 - How to exercise on a full schedule

Being too busy is a reality for the many of us.
It can be a real challenge to do something nice for yourself such as the exercise our body needs to keep healthy, balanced and our focus in check.
I embarked on this journey by request. Not knowing what to find, and every day I am still discovering.
With a new house, new full time job, a social life and school on the side I am also one very busy bee.

I have still managed to get my moving on so far however.
And I would like to share some of my tips with you.

1. Walk or bike
I have been sneaking in exercise on my lunchbreak by walking more. I have also won exercise in going to do the groceries by foot instead of my car that I usually take. 3

2. Do something, anything
Maybe it takes getting up 15 minutes early, but you can do some very effective quick working out right at home. On pinterest there's some wonderful inspiration and work-out sheets so to say. There's also quite the offer of apps that you can install on your phone to get a quick work out in. Something is better than nothing!

3. Dancing away the day
My household chores nowadays get supported by proper dancing around the house. I put on my favourite tunes and I dance the chores away. It makes household actually a lot more interesting.

4. Schedule!
You are your own boss, and bosses don't quit!
One week ahead schedule your week work outs. Put in your agenda as an appointment with yourself and don't be tempted to cancel it. See what your week is going to be like, so you have a decent plan.

I hope that you enjoyed my tips, and let me know what yours are.
I promise to give them a try.